Are You A Bad Mama??

Are You A Bad Mama??


Um NO!!!


This past weekend me and my four kiddos had to stand in line for an hour to sign up for a Summer program.


My two youngest finally had enough 45 minutes into the wait and went nuts…


They were dancing and play fighting (pokemon style) and generally being typical seven and nine year olds. I did my best to get them to tone it back, but I never told them to stop playing.


And did I ever get some evil looks from a few Moms (although most of the evil looks were from Mom’s who were blessed to have left their kids at home.)


What these Mom’s don’t know is my nine year old has Asperger’s syndrome. Long lines and crowds of people are nerve wrecking for him. He can only take so much before his pressure valve has to release and it always releases big.


He will spin, run, and if it gets really bad …..he may just break down. The hardest part as a Mom is feeling helpless when this happens. Often times you can not console him and you just have to wait it out.


The good news is these break downs seem to happen less and less the older he gets.


But back to the evil eye….


The only reason in my hubmle opinion that parents give the evil eye to other parents and their children’s misbehavior is lack of education.


Most parents don’t know what is appropriate child behavior if it kicked them up side the head.


They know what “they” expect of their children, but those expectations may not be realistic.


Some parents can’t understand why a two year old just can’t be still during a church service, or their four year old is obsessed with dirty words….


As parents it would do us some good to understand child development because it would increase our compassion not only for our own children but children in general.


On the next Empowered Family Podcast we will discuss child development and self-esteem; and why understanding child development is key to your child’s self-esteem and to your sanity.


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Next week we will talk about setting boundries and self-esteem as we close out this months topic of Self-esteem.



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